About Us

In 1997, Thomas (Tommy) Gossmann took his 13+ years of knowledge of machining and shop management out on its own creating Heavy Metal Inc. starting in his garage.

HMI grew quickly. Within one year he expanded by renting space with his longtime friend Darrell Lupplace. From there Tommy and his brother, Mark Gossmann, continued to expand the business.

By 1999 the business had outgrown the rented space in his friend’s shop. So with the help of a friend, Heavy Metal purchased its first of three buildings. After a short time, HMI bought another building next door, more than doubling the size of the company. Over the next five years, this small family business continued to grow and by 2006, Heavy Metal purchased a well-known machine shop once again doubling its facilities, machines and employees. This is where Heavy Metal, Inc. currently exists today. 

The majority of current employees have been at HMI for more than 10 plus years, many which were Tommy’s friends long before working at HMI with 20 and 30 plus years of experience in machining and fabrication.

With the passing of Tommy, his daughters Christy & April Gossmann are continuing to run the family business, which now makes HMI women-owned. 

HMI has the ability to do more than just machine work by utilizing its large local associated vendors. Let HMI be your go to shop.

Tommy and mark straight

Tommy supervising his brother Mark working on one of their first bought machines in 1999.